We make global citizens feel at home everywhere they go.


We make global citizens feel at home everywhere they go.

Obeyo is the first all-in-one operating system for shared living where community and operations go hand in hand.
Life has always been about venturing into the unknown: by moving to new cities, countries, and continents. Professionally by bringing products and organizations into new territories, and personally by challenging ourselves to keep expanding our comfort zones.

Like this, we experienced the power of surrounding ourselves with like-minded people and the struggles that surface when such meaningful and authentic connections are missing.ย 

A pattern emerges

Over the years, we discovered that residents are increasingly looking beyond the physical space when selecting their next place to stay. Instead, they also weigh factors such as lifestyle and social potential in their decision-making process.ย 

We saw concepts like co-living starting to flourish and many landlords and operators worldwide struggling to adjust to these rapidly changing needs. Most importantly, we noticed that existing tools failed to get these operators ready to navigate this change.
Interestingly enough, our friends at the startup studio Builders had similar observations. In late 2020 we decided to โ€œdo something about itโ€ and bring the needed innovation into one of the world's biggest markets, which is just ripe for innovation: residential real estate.ย 

The idea behind Obeyo was born: a social app that connects and empowers residents, combined with an operating system to help streamline operations. It took us over 100 more conversations with shared living operators to further hone that idea and shape it into a product that will truly impact the future of living - from combating isolation and loneliness to empowering the new hybrid work era.

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Along this journey, we picked up a lot of support from many corners, initially in particular from the co-living folks, as they understood the value of creating a community like no other. As word got out, an increasing number of student accommodation providers, serviced apartment providers, and even BTR/multifamily operators started to contact us, as they all noticed a similar trend: their residents yearning for deeper human connections and their wish to help their operations to remain relevant.ย 

Today, we are proud to have partnered up with an initial handful of launching customers that are as committed to shape a great product together as we are.

And that is where we stand today; excited about setting a new standard in operating shared living, eager to get our first product out of the door, but at the same time also committed to getting it right, e.g., investing the time it takes to build a world-class product.

Would you like to see what we are building on, or are you excited to even join us on our journey? Join our waitlist below.

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