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Unlock the future of shared living

Obeyo is the first all-in-one operating system and community app for residential living built around the learnings from 100+ shared living operators.

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All-in-one software platform for residential living operators

Meet Obeyo, the first operating system for residential real estate where operations and community go hand in hand. We create meaningful social living experiences for your residents and provide you with actionable data, insights and automation to reduce your operating costs.
Manage residents effortlessly
Benefit from smart automation and manage your residents effortlessly, from first interest and member vetting to community life and off-boarding.
Work as a team
Tackle your tasks headfirst and coordinate on the fly while making sure nothing falls through the cracks, no matter how small or big your team.
Optimise occupancy
Forget fiddling around in excel sheets! Easily match vacant rooms with the right candidates (and vice versa), nudge people along and make sure you get the occupancy puzzle right.
Be ready for scale
Automate your manual and monotonous processes and workflows. Reduce the time and cost it takes to run your operations and get ready for scale.

Resident management is a team effort

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We empower your team to scale your business with technology and turn your operations into a well-oiled machine.

Bring your buildings to life

With Obeyo, you enable your members to experience the ultimate social living experience and grow their local tribe through your own community app.
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Resident appResident app
Exceed expectations
Put your residents first, exceed their expectations and provide them with the ultimate social living experience from the moment they sign-up until they leave.
Events on their terms
Create a self-organising community; empower your residents to coordinate their gatherings and create low threshold events that people enjoy. 
Empower your residents
Tear down social isolation, enable your residents to easily connect with their future neighbours and other like-minded people to grow their local tribe.
One seamless experience 
Our apps are fully integrated with our operating system so that your residents enjoy a smooth experience and you stay in the loop of important data.
"We started by looking at the co-living niche, but it soon became clear that community is an increasingly important piece in many living arrangements. From student accommodations to multifamily housing and senior living facilities, now we work with all of them!"
Michael Steinmann, CEO and co-founder
Michael SteinmannMichael Steinmann
Michael Steinmann

The future of shared living starts now

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